Monday, 12 November 2012

I ride my bike!

For a little while now I’ve had my eye on a vintage bike, even roping in a friend who’s already acquired and restored 2 vintage bikes to find one for me.

It wasn’t until BBKC mentioned a reproduction of vintage bicycles that were available particularly
Pashley and Beg bikes that sparked my interest further.

I already had a bike but it was one that was practical for getting me to work when I didn’t have the car or (needed) wanted a fitness boost as there are a couple of bridges en route let alone the very big, steep hill I had to ride up to my office.

Then once I saw BBKC’s latest purchase and read her blog about her new and reasonably priced Kingston it spurred my interest even more as, as much as I loved my trusty and loyal mountain bike to get me where I wanted and fast (I am not a patient person) I longed for something that fitted my personality more – but I didn’t want to spent too much as I’d rather spend more on dresses and shoes and pretty things.

My dear husband was stuck with ideas for my Christmas gift which was perfect timing as I was just lusting over some Kingston bikes so I showed him a link and let him chose the right one for me – I’m a lady and have no interest in boy, mechanical things. The bets I can do is fuel the car, pump the tyres and fill the levels and I consider that a triumph!

Once it arrived (with squeals of excitement) we set to building it – without any instructions provided (arggh why not!!??) after many trials ands tribulations and kneeling on screws, banging my shin on the pedals and a few curse words thrown in for good measure we finally got there!

She looked a beaut sitting in the dining room where we left her, ready and waiting when I came downstairs ready to get on the saddle to go to work!

No more unflattering sports kit for me. Now I can ride in style and comfort!

I think I’m naming her Bernie! :D
I'm so excited to showcase her at the Vintage bike ride around Nottingham next weekend!, what to wear??

Rose x

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