Monday, 5 November 2012

A package from France

Today I came home to a package from France, at first I couldn't think what it could be but upon eargerly tearing open the brown paper I soon realised it was something I'd been expecting.

A few months a go my wedding photographer, Marianne Taylor emailed me saying that a photo taken from my wedding 2 years ago would be featured in a french wedding book and today I received 'un Beau Jour'.

I was sent a preveiw of the page which the publishers had chosen to put in the book and it looked great, so I was amazed to see it in print!


 All of the photos in the book were Mariannes. I think the entire book looks incredible and well done - I just wish I could read it all...

Rose x

Ps - please excuse the terrible indoor/evening lighting in the photos, I couldn't wait to share!

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