Thursday, 7 March 2013

Gin, cocktails and fuschia

After the fresh new beginnings of January, February felt a bit like a mid period of procrastination. Perhaps it was the big flurry of adventures and planning that I got quite a bit done at first that then I hit a bit of a speed bump.

I was determined not to get stuck so I pushed through and cleared even more crap that I didn't know we had and clutter that I was ruthless with thinking that if it had no use then it had to go.

To reiterate some of a previous post, this determination also meant that I took the bull by the horns and got some costuming remade, repaired and near completion, I also started work on a new act that will be ready for the summer.

I feel like I'm repeating some already posted and rambling now so I'll post are few outfits from February. I think the weather also got a bit stuck and in a frump and couldn't decide what to do...

Here's a couple of my outfits to compensate and battle the frumpy grey clouds - though please excuse the awful quality gained from snapping some pictures in the work loo's. The glamour!

We also celebrating my mans Birthday with great food and cocktails shared with great friends...pehaps resulting in a little bit of silliness, a very good night! :)

With my best girlfriends

And blurry boy friends :)

What cocktails??
I did get to go back to the coast, this time down to Hastings for a break with the family. I'm really looking forward to the next coast adventures back to Croyde with friends for my birthday in June! :D

I also got a fabulous feature on my very good girlfriend, and as BooBoo Kitty perfectly put it "cocktail guzzling partner in crime", BooBoo Kitty couture blog. If you havent read it already, go check it out HERE!

I also popped up a couple of times in this BBKC blog post amongst lots of pretty ladies sporting our chiffon scarves!

Speaking of the incredibly talented lady, here's a sneak peek at part of my new costume in the making...I looked like tinkerbell when I was pinned into it :P I may be petite but I promise that's not the theme of the costume!

I'm so excited to perform in this new costume - no fairy wings included!
We also spent the weekend at a gin tea party where we tasted many gins and gin based cocktails! It was a great afternoon followed by a steady stagger to some cocktail bars to end the night off. Keep you eyes peeled for a more detailed BooBoo Kitty Couture blogpost!

I'm also so glad that we're starting to leave winter behind with spring flowers starting to poke their little heads out of the ground and our mornings and evenings are staying a little lighter each day. I'm looking forward to longer days and summer dresses with fruity gin cocktails of course!

cocktrail guzzling partners in crime!

 Rose x

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

South coast adventures

I must admit I wasn’t fully anticipating the upcoming trip to Hastings’s earlier in the month. I had visions of it being cold, wet and a little drab and quickly running out of things to do and see.

I was, however looking forward to leaving my desk along with its horrible work behind for a few days and spend some quality time with the my in-laws. I ended up packing super last minute as things had caught up with me, this didn’t bode well for me as I’m quite an organised person. Not off to a great start...

Pretty pebble beaches in Hastings

Just arrived!

When we arrives at Hastings it was so nice to be greeted with fair weather and lung full of clean, sea air.  

Each morning was like summer! being greeted by bright blue and sunny skies each morning was bliss and made me feel like I really was on holiday for our little break.

Theres so much to see and do including lots of history all around which I always find interesting.

The steel ball on the right of the window is an original canon ball that got stuck when fired from a Dutch war ship in the 17th Century, the left ball was made to match and make a feature of the canon ball ;) This is about half a mile from the beach...

A propeller recovered from the ocean from a WW2 plane

Hastings has a lot of history but is also a large fishing town

Fresh from the sea only a few feet away

Mmm fresh mussles
There's also so many antique and vintage shops at every turn as well as plenty of cute boutiques too. It's a good job we didn't have a van with us as I'd have easily filled it.

Original features still play a role in the shops keeping tradition

I did manage to get a lovely bamboo tiki mug that didn't take up too much room to add to my collection.

My cute bamboo mug find in one of the many antique shops

Adventure golf with my tiki guide!
The house we stayed at was lovely and was only a few steps away from the sea front so when we weren’t out exploring the many fascinating and historical areas and playing Adventure Golf (I hear it’s a step up from crazy golf) which of course was my idea, we played card games until late at night with gin, tea and of course propper fish and chips! Perfect!

Riding on the funicular railway was a new (nail biting) experience!!
Incredible views on the East hill

 Theres lots of beautiful old buildings inlcuding lots of preserved deco beach houses and hotels like this one.

Something on my list for next time as I didnt get chance to dine here this time

I got a bit excited at this kitsch carpet in an arcade!

Hastings pier unfortunatly burnt down a few years ago :( but is soon to be restored :)

Incredible veiws at Beachy Head
After doing so many different things we did every day theres still so much more that it has to offer and I'm already looking forward to a return visit!

Rose x