Wednesday, 28 November 2012

A Classic Adventure

Saturday night I was on another burlesque road trip down to Evesham for a private show along with Foxie la Roque, Lulu Belle Ferrari and Suzie Floozie (the best stage manager ever!).

A frosty start

After such a great night the following morning I was up, ready and excited for a Sunday full of fresh air and girlie vintage fun with BooBoo Kitty on her Kingston Hampton shopper Mavis and Lucille on her 1959 Raleigh Marlene, me on my Kingston Mayfair shopper Bernie and Martha on her vintage pink Raleigh Marmalade.

Marlene, Bernie and Marmalade

You just don your vintage wear and grab your bike and turn up, all for free! What a great way to spend a sunny Sunday afternoon with the gals.

We joined around 30 other people and some of their vintage and classic bikes ready for Nottingham's second secret classic bike ride.

Dressed vintage-cycling-glam and fuelled with a cup of tea to get us going we set off from West Bridgford for a cycling tour around Nottingham Trent River and it’s cycling paths around the city centre’s surrounding areas.

Luckily it was a bright and sunny day and even though the ground was frosty our cycling trip kept us cosy warm.

Ready to go...glam biking!

 Along the way we learned some of the local history and as we past the points of interest as well as chatting and giggling with each other along the way with a quick pit stop for an ice cream and a mirror check.

We stopped to refuel at the Games Workshop HQ, War Hammer as the restaurant and bar is open to the public. Us girlies we a little apprehensive as we didn’t know what to expect, but it was very lovely inside for some food and a drink.
Martha puckering up with a character of some sort that was popping out of the wall. Very erm…dapper!??

After that it wasn’t too far back to the start point where we called it a day and headed on home as by then we’d been out and about for about 4 hours.

I can’t wait for the next one which will hopefully be next spring and if you’re local or even if you’re not you should definitely take part in one in the future as it’s a great way to spend a Sunday getting some exercise and lots of fun too!

Rose x

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Sneaky peek…dream team photoshoot!

I thought I'd post a quick look at what I got up to on Friday...

Friday was a good day. I got to have loads of fun with great people modelling all day in BooBoo Kitty Couture dresses along side BooBoo Kitty herself and Lucille from Lucilles Locks who also worked her magic on our hair. Ms Moo was our utterly fabulous make up artist and Miss Rain was the talent behind the camera capturing our antics and posey poses!

We spent the morning in Tiffin Tea house sipping tea from beautiful vintage china whilst tucking into some lovely cake, oh and posing of course! It was quite the girly date getting dressed up for tea!
Ladies what lunch!

The Stunning BooBoo Kitty striking a pose infront of Miss Rain
We also got to wear some beautiful vintage jewellery from Eden Bea whilst sampling some other delights within the local area.

I loved being trasformed by Lucille and Ms Moo incredible hair and make up skills.

Playing dress up. The first look for some vintage tea.

Pin up rockabilly, the second look

Evening deco glamour, the last look

Needless to say we had lots of fun in the best sweet shop I've been to in...ever!!
I managed to restrain myself...,just!

Drool fest!

The last location was the nciest pub ever! seriously, its so class and chic with original deco features and elegance but still cozy enough to be a nice local. Plus if its stocks Hendricks gin its already winning me over!

Lucille stricking a pose on the elegant staircase for Miss Rain

I can't wait to share the end results!

Rose x

Monday, 12 November 2012

I ride my bike!

For a little while now I’ve had my eye on a vintage bike, even roping in a friend who’s already acquired and restored 2 vintage bikes to find one for me.

It wasn’t until BBKC mentioned a reproduction of vintage bicycles that were available particularly
Pashley and Beg bikes that sparked my interest further.

I already had a bike but it was one that was practical for getting me to work when I didn’t have the car or (needed) wanted a fitness boost as there are a couple of bridges en route let alone the very big, steep hill I had to ride up to my office.

Then once I saw BBKC’s latest purchase and read her blog about her new and reasonably priced Kingston it spurred my interest even more as, as much as I loved my trusty and loyal mountain bike to get me where I wanted and fast (I am not a patient person) I longed for something that fitted my personality more – but I didn’t want to spent too much as I’d rather spend more on dresses and shoes and pretty things.

My dear husband was stuck with ideas for my Christmas gift which was perfect timing as I was just lusting over some Kingston bikes so I showed him a link and let him chose the right one for me – I’m a lady and have no interest in boy, mechanical things. The bets I can do is fuel the car, pump the tyres and fill the levels and I consider that a triumph!

Once it arrived (with squeals of excitement) we set to building it – without any instructions provided (arggh why not!!??) after many trials ands tribulations and kneeling on screws, banging my shin on the pedals and a few curse words thrown in for good measure we finally got there!

She looked a beaut sitting in the dining room where we left her, ready and waiting when I came downstairs ready to get on the saddle to go to work!

No more unflattering sports kit for me. Now I can ride in style and comfort!

I think I’m naming her Bernie! :D
I'm so excited to showcase her at the Vintage bike ride around Nottingham next weekend!, what to wear??

Rose x

Monday, 5 November 2012

A package from France

Today I came home to a package from France, at first I couldn't think what it could be but upon eargerly tearing open the brown paper I soon realised it was something I'd been expecting.

A few months a go my wedding photographer, Marianne Taylor emailed me saying that a photo taken from my wedding 2 years ago would be featured in a french wedding book and today I received 'un Beau Jour'.

I was sent a preveiw of the page which the publishers had chosen to put in the book and it looked great, so I was amazed to see it in print!


 All of the photos in the book were Mariannes. I think the entire book looks incredible and well done - I just wish I could read it all...

Rose x

Ps - please excuse the terrible indoor/evening lighting in the photos, I couldn't wait to share!

Friday, 2 November 2012

Instagram love - October

I thought I'd put a little collage of some of the Instagram moments from October!

Rose x