Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Beating February's frumps

This month, so far, seems very quiet and slow, both at work and at home.

After a rather productive few weeks of tidying and de-cluttering some of the things I no longer needed at home I felt like I’m was at a point of where I was eager for something else to get my teeth into.

At the weekend I decided to crack on with a costume I’ve been biting and bobbing with for a while now and decided to stop procrastinating and look at it again and get the damn thing out of my head and off my sketch book and get it completed. The thing is, as soon as I looked at it and dug my crafty bits out needed to finish this piece, it all fell into place in my head and so I cracked on with stitching and gluing and already I’m much happier with its direction.

I have decided to alter a few bits which may mean going back and cutting and stitching a couple of bits and changing the headdress but it’s a new part of the project that I’m looking forward to getting complete mainly because I cant wait to dress up in it and finally share it on stage. But not before I get some exciting photos of it, which is another fun and exciting reason to get it finished.

My other new act is in construction as we speak. It’s in such a luscious and mouth watering (to me at least) combination of colours and is something else I’m working on by thinking more about and shopping for the embellishments. This one will be easy for me as it’s something I’m very, very excited about and has been created for a song I love and so there’s not that awful burly girls conundrum and panic of creating a great act and struggling to find or decide on the perfect piece of music.

So now I have a few things that I want to start looking at to get over that new slump. I’m always looking forward and planning ahead so that there is always that something to look forward to. I’m also keeping busy by helping my very good friend, who got engaged at the beginning of the year, plan her wedding. I’m also a bridesmaid which excites me no end! :D

I’ve been thinking more and more about buying a new house and my lunch times now mostly consist of browsing property websites. It’s always good to keep an eye on the market and keep searching for what you want, you never know!

We have a lot planned this year including a big holiday back to Mexico later this year and lots of other fun trips.

It’s also the Mr's birthday this week and we’ve both booked the day off work to spend it together spoiling him and doing some of his favourite things together including eating lots of yummy food, shopping and ice skating. Until recently he regularly played ice hockey and since he had to give it up a couple of years ago, he hasn’t touched the ice. I love ice skating, especially when it’s nice and quite and the ice in smooth and open, so I’m too also looking forward to busting the boots back out. I had a quick go at Christmas time on a work outing, after a few years off ice myself, and I forgot how much I loved it. Plus it’s a great and fun way to get a bit of a work out too.

I’m also looking forward to seeing all of our friends when we gather for a birthday meal out. I’ve not seen everyone together since new years, though I’ve seen everyone individually since, it’s nice for us all to get together and socialise with some great food and yummy cocktails.

I’m sure there’ll be photos to follow ;)

As you can tell, I like to keep busy and planning, planning, planning and of course fulfilling those plans!

For now, here's some sneaky pics of my costume in some of its progress

Rose x

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