Sunday, 20 January 2013

Eager, keen excitement!

As most people slowly ease themselves into the New Year, I have thrown myself into 2013 with lots of ambition and focus.

I already have a lot of plans for this year and trips and holidays etc booked. At the moment I’m mainly focused on my home and personal life.

I started the New Year with exciting plans when we went away with some close friends for an exciting surprise engagement that had been planned very well for a long time came together perfectly and it was an incredible experience to be a part of. I couldn’t be happier for two people I care a lot about starting a new and exciting part of their lives together and of course I’m obviously so overly excited for the big day!! What a great way to kick off 2013!

Fun times in Croyde!
My lovely friend Martha, freshly engaged!

The boys!
Celebratory dinner with the gang!

 As I mentioned in my last blog post, I’m making plans and starting projects for new acts and costumes but at the moment I feel that until my home life is sorted I can focus more purely and put more energy into sparkly new things, which I think is only fair, I don’t want to compromise either aspects.

By home life, I don’t mean anything dramatic. I’m just having a huge de-clutter and rearrangement of the home as well as looking sort of look for a new house to buy. I feel like I need to change and update a few areas and I’m throwing away/giving away/ebaying lots of things to make way for a change and what feels to me as a mass tidy up/organisation operation and ‘squaring away’ a few bits on the house.

I’m really enjoying this process as I feel better the tidier and organised things are.

I even had a rummnage around the best, most organised huge vintage shop in a converted old church in Barnstaple.

I’ve already been scheming with my dress maker come costumer and have drawn up plans and I’ve seen the sketches of my new costume. I’m so excited to get it going, but all in good time ;)

All of this busy planning for the year has got me all excited for the summer season to arrive (please let it come along this year) and all the fun events that it brings and so I’m trying to push my winter wardrobe to the back of the cupboard and sneak in a few summery dresses and accessories, even if I still have to wear a coat over them.

I’m far too excited for everything this year; I think its going to be a good one!

Rose x

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