Monday, 29 October 2012

Double Trouble!!

About a month ago we had a new addition to the family. We already have two crazy kitties and an adorable beagle, Bella, who’ve I’ve wanted ever since I was a young girl.

Bella love

Not too long after we welcomed Bella into our lives last October we knew that we would be adding another beagle when the time came. We always thought of getting another young pup to raise from scratch again but after spending a year training and showing across the country it turned out Bella’s brother, Jasper, needed a new home.

Initially we were still set on getting a puppy, but the more we thought about it and considered our options and in the end decided to bring Jasper home. Being Bella’s true brother from the same litter we figured he’d be perfect for Bella who, by now wanted a companion.

He’s been with us for a month now and at first it was very difficult, not at all what we imagined. For some reason he seemed to forget everything he knew when it came to listening to us. He is such a sweetheart, though at first through the difficult stages we were filled with 'uh oh, did we make the right decision’ moments, but I knew we just needed to get over the hill on his training.

With lots of hard work and going back to the basics with his training he’s almost as good as Bella at his tricks and commands and I know it won’t be long until he catches her up. And now we’ve done that I couldn’t ask for a better brother for Bella.

Super sibling snuggle cuteness

He is such a sweet boy and a cheeky chappy who loves his cuddles and licking my face clean of make up the minute I walk in from work. I’m so glad he’s settled in with us all.

We’ve still got a bit more training to go, but for now he’s a perfect part of a beagle duo I love terribly.

Jasper and Bella love walkies!

...and we love their post walkies naps, espcially when Jasper prefers to sleep on his back!

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