Monday, 29 October 2012

Autumnal Bliss

Autumn is easily my favourite time of year!

I love the crisp air, the colour of the leaves. Crunching the leaves under my feet was one of my favourite things to do as a kid, and still is. I have some of my best memories as a child during autumn. To me everywhere seems much more beautiful this time of year. Plus Halloween is an added bonus – I love Halloween too!

I love spending every Sunday getting into my walking boots and wrapping up in cosy woolly jumpers to take the dogs for a big walk soaking up the cool autumn air and come home for a lovely cinnamon latte (courtesy of the fancy-pants coffee machine) and maybe some cake too and then sitting with a Sunday movie or two and maybe a nap for good measure after all the fresh air.

Of course autumn walkies is the best at our favourite walkies spot at Elvaston Castle

Can't beat the excitement of finding conkers

You can’t beat a slow cooker full of gravy, chunky veg and meaty goodness to make you all cosy on the inside too. Though, sometimes we have a cheeky take away as a last of the weekend treat with a movie or a great box set. I blumin love sundays!
Sundays are now my favourite time of the week, I spend each week looking forward to them. Something even the Mr has admitted. I think I’m also converting him and he his love for autumn is growing! Yey!

Its also the time for Pumpkin spice lattes!!

and Chai lattes

and more lattes with cinamon cake!!!

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