Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Long time, no blog post

It’s been far too long since I even looked at this. I have had many ideas and moments that I have thought about blogging, but it has become something of the wayside. (Is that the correct word/term??)

However, I vow that I will make more of an effort and attempt at adding something at least once a month in the hope that it will become a habit and one that I enjoy, because I think I will enjoy it.

Anyway, here goes…let the catch up begin.

A lot has happened, I’m so busy. I am currently working on 3 new acts, 2 of which have been an idea since last year and a new one that I am very excited about.

For my latest idea, I am having part of the costume made by my very talented friend and business owner BooBooKitty Couture. Do go and check her dresses out and talk about your ideas with her. She's a genius with a needle and thread!

I have quite a collection of BooBoo Kitty Couture building in my wardrobe. I just love how it’s made just for me and its one of a kind and they fit like a dream, being made to your own specifications. Have a look on her brand new website, you may see little old me on there somewhere!

I love popping over for a cup of tea and puppy hugs from her adorable pug Maybellene – an added bonus to dress shopping

one of my BBKC dresses
In my latest BBKC with Bella in her matching scarf

I must admit, however, I am taking it a bit easier this year on the burlesque front. I'm not booking as many shows this year as the husband is working away for most of the year, I am so busy trying to adjust to life on my own and making my own routines whilst working full time, taking care of a very active beagle and keeping the house in ship shape. I don’t have kids, but I am exhausted every day. Its been very hard, I can't wait for his return in August.

I am, however, taking the this time to concentrateon creating my new acts and thinking about my character and performances.

I recently read another blog by Havana Hurricane, who spoke of the exact things I was thinking and I felt assured that I wasn’t just stuck in a rut or on my own with my thoughts. 

Like Havana I'm thinking a lot about my performances and concentrating on making my new acts the best they can be and branding myself better (which will follow in the next post). I'd also like to look into doing more photoshoots and working on the new branding, stepping out of my comfort zone and trying some new styles and ideas that I have, both on stage and infront on the camera.

We're practically echoing the same thoughts! Check out her blog and add to the number of followers she has, as she has also taken back to the blogging world.

In other news, I now have super red hair thanks to my lovely friend Lucille, (check out her blog, one of my favourite lunch break reads), who specialises in vintage hair styling. It’s taken us a little while, but I am in love with the vibrancy and richness of the colour.

I have more ideas and subjects to blog about, but I will save it for another post!

I’ll be back soon!

Rose x

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  1. Aww! That's so sweet that you blogged about me! We very clearly seem to be on the same wave-length! Good luck with everything and with the new routines! If you ever need someone to chat to then feel free to pop me a message over :). I know what it's like trying to find yourself and then to finally get there! It takes time but it's worth it in the end and it definitely sounds like you're feeling much better about it all! The new hair looks gorgeous too!

    Havana x x