Monday, 7 November 2011

New pooch, New performance

Its been a crazy few weeks.

After a LOT of discussion and thinking the Mr and I decided it was time to expand out family and get the new fury friend we've always wanted, a beagle.

We met a wonderful beagle breeder who introduced our new pup Bella. She has an italian kennel name and with me being part italian we decided on the best name that complimented her, Bella, which means beautiful in italian.

She's very hard work, but so much fun and such a fusser. I've wanted a beagle ever since I was very young, so I feel like shes been a long wait. I can't wait for all the fun and years to come with her!

In other news, I have debuted a new act that I've been working hard on for a long time and I'm so glad its done because its so much fun!

Jack in the Box Debut and Loretta Loves...

I debuted my new Jack in the Box acr at Loretta Loves... show in Nottingham at the end of October. It was great fun and has gone down really well, which add to this act being so much fun for me to perform.

I then performed it a few days later in Leicester for November's ElectroTease held at the Basement by the Elegantly beautiful Eliza Delite. Again this was great fun, but I couldnt stay too long as it was a mid week show and I have rather early mornings for work. I fully intend to stay and party the rest of the night away at a future ElectroTease night as it was a great night!

In 'Jacks' box at ElectroTease

It's also my favourite season, autumn. I love the pretty colours and crisp fresh walks in your wellies, especially now with Bella bouding in the leaves. I also love the cosyness of getting in mu 'jammies' and sipping hot chocolate with marshmellows by the fire.

I'm quite busy this month with performances and other fun things lined up too, which will hopefully make for some interesting posts in the future!

Rose x

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