Wednesday, 3 July 2013

New burlesque pretties!

I have some new additions to my burly wardrobe to share with you today.

My first is something that’s been in progress since the very start of the year. I’ve had the music by a favourite artist and song of mine, and the act chosen for quite a long time and once all was clear I was ready to take this idea and put it on stage. I introduce to you Rockabilly Shakedown!

When sketching the costume out I knew that the very talented friend of mine BooBoo Kitty Couture had to be the one helping create this with me.
I showed her my inspirations as well as my sketches and talked about the act itself and how the costume would work on stage and how best to make it.

Straight away she knew exactly what I wanted and was completely on the same page as me.

Fabric and structure of the costume decided; I left her to play!

Over the next few weeks I played and finished the rest of the costumes – underwire bra, pasties and panties.

Every time I went for a social visit I got to see more and more of my costume, from the bolt of fabric to the pieces cut ready to go through the sewing machine. I was so excited!

a nod to the singer and her style as well as the music itself

After a couple of fittings and alterations my new costume was ready to come home!

I added the heavy gold trim to the bodice and after much umming and ahhing over which swarovski’s to use I ordered them.

BooBoo Kitty added the gold lame onto the inside of the skirt for even more to play and tease with!

However before the crystals could be applied I debuted the act at an amazing old theatre with a humongous stage! I’ve had to try and keep and act in small spaces before and have had nice large spaces to perform in too. But this was soo big, I was so much fun to perform!

Added sparkle Crystal application 

This next act was developed not very long afterward Rockabilly Shakedown was conceived. Watching a favourite film of mine, Blue Hawaii, on a sick day it suddenly came to me. I love it when an act comes, its like a spark of excitement which must be scribbled down in my sketch book quickly my new tiki act!

Within minutes the act was developed in my head and I set upon getting the act created. With a theme I very much love and have decorating my house and garden I thoroughly enjoyed getting more of my tiki on creating the costume.

Again this was debuted at the same show Rockabilly Shakedown was. It was a lot of fun running and hula’ing on stage and then splashing in my rum and pineapple cocktail!

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As I’m sure fellow performers may agree, debuting a new act is quite a nervous experience, however I felt so confident and really enjoyed these acts. I think that because the acts were more ‘me’, my liking and my personality it all felt so much more natural and the crowd’s reaction seemed to back this up. I always believe that confidence is sexy, if you don’t look like you’re doing and you’re enjoying your own performance you cant expect people to believe it or it enjoy your act. With all of this in mind I intend to take the rest of my acts in this direction. I’m also planning on revisiting some old acts, one of which I’ve wanted to completely rewrite and rework the costume. I’m quite excited!

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