Friday, 5 April 2013

Bright new things

For a while now I’ve had cherry red hair with a couple of blonde flashes, but like I usually do along with my roots, I grow out of my hair colour.

I love my red and blonde hair, but I felt I needed something new and refreshing.

And so my monthly text to Lucille had a colour change idea which caused much excitement for the both of us.

Lucille is the only person I have ever wholly trusted with my tresses and with my constant colour change, I know I can rely on the right person to look after me and keep my hair from giving up all hope of quiet life. And we’ve been through quite a few bottles and different dyes over the past few years.

Here are the results to last week’s new hair adventure. We’re both quite surprised at how well it came out on the first go it was amazing to watch the water change to an incredible rich fuchsia when giving its final rinse.

This isn't the very end result we're after as another sessions required to get the base colour correct and then the perfect pink can sit better.

However, after living with the pink for a few weeks, though if has faded and the old base colour is showing slightly, I'm not feeling that the pink hair colour is 100% me and I feel much more confident with the red colour and I've missed it, so the next plan is to get back to a fabulous red, perhaps picking a slightly different tone to what I used to be.

Anyway here's a few images of the results we achieved!

The hair adventures are never over as in sure Lucille and I will spark a new creation soon! Keep your eyes peeled.

I can’t wait! :D

Rose xx

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