Tuesday, 23 August 2011

All New and Shiney!

So this is my first ever blog post as I wanted to see what all this blogging is about and what its like. I love following blogs and reading other about peoples thoughts and updates and thought I would give it a bash as it looks fun.

I suppose I should probably start with my lastest happenings...

Last weekend was great fun! It started when I modelled for Dr Sketchy's Nottingham as one of the models had cancelled last minute. A phone call at 8.40am from Scarlett Daggers who urgently asked if I could step in last minute to model for Dr. Sketchy's Nottingham which she runs with Charlotte Thompson. I jumped in the shower and raced into Nottingham ready to get into my new super sparkly costume. I'd decided to change a costume for my fan dance and worked my way through a few thousand rhinestones, so it was deffinatly a way to showcase my new costume.

A few hours later I was back in Nottingham performing at a new show that showcased that night at the Belgrave rooms. It had a large stage with the best lighting ever. I performed my Classic Striptease - Night Train and my fan dance - Harlem Nocturne and I feel that they were my best performances yet. I loved the venue and the audience was great. I look forward to hopefully shimmying there again soon!

Heres some images from the show courtesy of the very talented Alex Bampton Photography. Go check out his work on facebook!!

Alex Bampton Photography

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  1. Wow...you are a busy woman and your costume looks amazing! I love Burlesque. It is one of the only forms of art where woman can really express their individuality and create their own shows/image.